BC Game Affiliate Program to earn rewards

If making additional profits that don’t have to do with gambling or betting on our site sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely check out our Bc Game affiliate program.

Becoming our official partner comes with great referral and commission rewards, and it works simply and effectively.

Read through the following passages to learn how to become a Bc game official partner and start increasing your revenue exponentially.

Affiliate program for BCGame India users

How does the BC Game Partner program work?

Our Bc game affiliate program works in a simple way – if you invite a friend by sharing the referral link and code, you are able to gain lots of referral and commission rewards which depend on the activity of the invited friend on our website, which can rise up to 83,000 INR.

The revenue you receive isn’t based only on the passive link clicks because you can earn commission rewards i.e a portion of all the bets that your referrals place on particular games. The funds will be transferred to your casino account and can be used however suits you.

How the affiliate program works on BCGame casino

How to become a BC Game partner?

In order to start the process and become our Bc game partner successfully, there are a few simple steps that each interested party from India should go through. We share them in detail below.

  1. Step 1 – Visit our official online gambling site and create an account.
  2. Step 2 – After having logged in, click on the main menu button on the left corner of the homepage, and then select ‘Affiliate’ from the vertical pop-up list.
  3. Step 3 – Click on the orange button ‘Create Referral Code Now’ and wait for your one-of-a-kind code and link.
  4. Step 4 – Share the code and link with your audience via social media.
  5. Step 5 – For each referral you make, you receive a reward of up to $1,000. Once your referrals reach a certain VIP status, you start receiving this money in portions.

Join BCGame affiliate program - instructions

Referral Rewards

Once all the successful referrals start placing bets and using our online gambling site actively, you will start making money. For this process to begin, each of them needs to unlock a certain VIP level that determines the referral INR rewards that you receive.

Awards for BCGame casino partners

VIP level of ReferralsTotal Wagered AmountRewards
VIP 041,00040 INR
VIP 085,000200 INR
VIP 1417,000410 INR
VIP 2249,000990 INR
VIP 30129,0002000 INR
VIP 38312,0004,100 INR
VIP 46769,0006,600 INR
VIP 541,793,0009,900 INR
VIP 624,097,00017,000 INR
VIP 709,217,00041,000 INR

Commission Rewards

Real money bets are always made while playing at an online casino. With our Bc Game affiliate partnership, you may get paid a percentage of all the wagers made by your referrals by taking advantage of the commission incentives feature integrated into our referral program. These credits are added to your account and are available for use at any time.

The following regulations apply to each gaming commission.

  • 1% of 1% wager on Blackjack;
  • 25% of 1% wager on sports and the following Bc original games – Savior Sword, Oriental Beauties, Roulette, Roulette Multiplayer, and Egyptian Adventure;
  • 15% of 1% wager on the rest of the Bc originals and third party games.

Our partners can withdraw these commissions to their Bc game India account via the integrated dashboard, where you can also always check your balance and also view the commission total collection.

Player Commission Rewards on BCGame

Special Conditions for those who have a big audience

If you have a sizable following and viewership, we have some personalized conditions for you to tailor your referral program. You can have your own unique casino if you can recruit players whose wagers total $1 billion or more! Ultimately, you may create a casino website using your own domain and theme.

So, in case you already have a busy website or an active and frequently visited social media account, all you need to do is send an email to support@bc.game and we will share with you a list of special deals and benefits.

Special offers for BCGame partners

Dashboard for our Partners

We have created a special platform where all our partners can keep track of everything related to the affiliate program – the Dashboard.

On the main screen, you can view how many of the USD (referral) rewards you have unlocked and how many are waiting to be unlocked, as well as your current friend number and the approximate number of the daily commission rewards.

In the vertical menu on the left, there are some other options.

  • Referral Codes – This is where you generate a new code and link, up to 20, and send a customized message to your friend.
  • Banner download – Here we have a zipped folder of the advertisement banners you can download and use at any time.
  • Friends Management – In this section, you can view everything about any of the referred friends by entering the username, registration date, and code; finally, to reveal the details, click the yellow ‘Search’ button.
  • Commission rewards – This self-explanatory section is related to all your received commission rewards. Moreover, you can swap between currencies here and also withdraw to your Bc wallet.
  • INR rewards – This section is related to your INR or referral rewards, where you can also search and see your friend’s statuses and withdraw to your main casino account.

Statistics of invited players in BCGame affiliate program


How can I join the affiliate program?

Every Indian visitor should start by registering an account on our official casino site. Then, enter the ‘Affiliate’ section from the main menu on the homepage and click on the orange ‘Create Referral Code Now.’ Share the code and link with your friends and start earning INR and commission rewards.

Do you have any banners I can use?

Yes, we do. You can download the folder of available marketing materials by going to the Dashboard after you log in, and clicking on the ‘Banner Download’ button from the vertical menu on the left.

Can I see any statistics about my referrals?

Yes, We are a strong advocate of complete transparency and provide all information to users, including usernames, bets placed, commissions earned, dates of registration, and links utilized. Everything is in your Affiliate Dashboard.