Frequently Asked Questions about BC Game

If you still have questions after studying the platform, its documentation, rules, and interface, you can refer to this page, where you will find answers to the most common ones. Here the most important information which can be useful for using the BC Game casino is collected and summarized in the form of a question/answer. The FAQ page gives you an opportunity not to contact the support service and find answers to questions yourself, which were compiled on the basis of statistics of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About BC Game Casino Site

Questions about BC Game Casino section

Frequently asked questions about the casino section of the BC Game

What types of games are available at BC.Game online casino?

Our varied and exciting casino games, of which there are more than 6,000, are conveniently divided into different categories: BC Originals, Slots, Hot Games, New Releases, High Volatility, Feature Buy-in, Table Games and the popular category for thrill-seekers – Live Casino.

Is there a mobile app for BC.Game online casino?

Any decent casino has its own innovative application for the handheld device. BC.Game is no exception. You can download BC Game app and install it on your Android or iOS.

Are there any limits on the amount that can be bet at online casino?

Since this is a cryptocurrency platform and betting here is accepted only in cryptocurrency, the minimum bet will be 10 cents.

What actions should I take if my game freezes up or if there is a problem?

If you encounter such a problem, first of all check the strength of your Internet connection. It may not be enough for the game to function properly. Try reloading your browser page, cleaning your cookies and turning off VPN, if you used it. If all of the above does not help, contact the customer support in any convenient way.

Help with Sports Betting Options

FAQs about the betting section of the BC Game

What types of bets can I place on your site?

The platform offers a wide selection of stakes and markets. Among them you will find the most used and recognizable: Single (Regular), Combo, System, – as well as some specific ones: Trixie, Patent, Yankee, Canadian (also known as Super Yankee), Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath.

Are there any limits on how much I can bet on a single event?

The minimum stake, as well as for games in the casino is 10 cents.

Registration and Account questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Registering at BC Game

How can I verify my account at BC.Game online casino?

After you become the owner of your own account on the platform, you can pass the KYC verification. All you have to do is provide the personal details the company asks for about you. In addition, for more protection of your account, we recommend that you set up 2FA authentication, which will reduce the risk of your account being hacked.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you didn’t accidentally save your password, you can recover it within 15 seconds through our “Forget password” link, or you can always contact technical support to recover it.

I have misplaced my cell phone. What is the procedure for resetting my Google authenticator?

Google Authenticator is a bit more complicated to work with, but it can be fixed. Write to the technical customer support, indicating in the subject line “Resetting the Google Authenticator” and you will definitely help in your issue.

I would like to change my username or email address, is this possible?

We apologize, but we are unable to change these records. If you are adamant about changing either your username or the email address that is associated with your account, we recommend that you delete your existing account and create a new one.

How can I join VIP Club?

The invitation-only VIP club is known for its high level of exclusivity. After you begin your exciting journey into the world of the game, you will be alerted of your VIP status via email quickly. Help with D

Help with Deposits and Withdrawals

Frequently Asked Questions about Payment Methods at BC Game

How do I make a deposit at BC.Game online casino?

You can do it in three simple actions:

  1. To make a payment, either locate the page labeled “My Wallet,” click “the deposit page,” copy the wallet address, or scan the QR code.
  2. Make a deposit in any of the supported currencies supplied by MoonPay and Banxa by using the Buy Crypto platform.
  3. You may make direct transfers and withdrawals from your cooperative wallet, saving you time.

What is BC Swap?

Without having to wait for verification, you are able to trade cryptocurrencies through the use of BC Swap. This can significantly speed up your start in the world of gaming and betting on the platform.

What is Vault Pro?

You may obtain an annual percentage interest (APR) of 5% on your deposit in the Vault Pro if you bank with this BC-exclusive financial institution.

What types of cryptocurrencies do you accept for deposits and withdrawals?

The platform accepts more than 70 different tokens, which you can enter into the platform in a variety of ways. The most common way is through marketplace exchanges.

How do I make a withdrawal at BC.Game online casino?

Locate the tab labeled “My Wallet,” click “Withdraw,” and then enter the address of the wallet on which you wish to withdraw bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as well as the quantity of cryptocurrency to be withdrawn (pay attention to the commission). Please note, that all cryptocurrencies work on different blockchain and have different networks. Be careful when copying the wallet address. Make sure the network is correct.

Are there any fees associated with using cryptocurrency on your site?

Because the transaction involves payment in both directions, the exchange of digital currency must include a Withdraw fee of at least 0.1% for the platform to process the transaction.