BC Game Basketball Betting

The basketball betting section is another category that offers entertainment and a variety of betting opportunities for online players.

This team sport has gathered a big fanbase of Indian bettors on our site because we offer amazing features such as live betting on basketball, watching live streams of popular matches, and wagering on your team on the go, via our mobile app.

Our basketball page features events played in more than 20 countries, with hundreds of competitions on offer, as well as favourable odds for each.

The BC Game basketball betting in India: live betting on basketball, watching live streams of popular matches

How to Start Making Basketball Bets on the Site

For any bettor from India to start their basketball crypto betting, they should first go through some steps. From the moment you visit our online bookmaker site to the point when you finally place your bet, these are the instructions you should follow.

  1. Visit BC Game India and register or log in.
  2. Go to the Cashier and make a BC Game deposit via crypto or fiat currencies.
  3. Return to the homepage and click the ‘Sports’ button to enter the sportsbook.
  4. Select ‘Basketball’ from the menu on the left.
  5. Choose the country and the tournament, and then finally the match.
  6. Study the information about the match and click on the odds when you are ready.
  7. Go over the details in the bet slip, enter the bet amount, and finally place your bet basketball.

How to Start Making Basketball Bets on BC Game Site in India step by step

300% Welcome Bonus for New Players in India

All newcomers have the possibility to claim a welcome bonus on our official site. If you register for the first time and have never deposited on our site, you can claim a 300% deposit bonus right after creating an account.

To successfully claim the extra money, Indian players should deposit at least 830 INR in the first 20 minutes after they’ve signed up. Once the bonus funds are transferred to your account, you can use them to start betting on basketball.

All newcomers have the possibility to claim a welcome bonus 300% on official site BC Game in India

Types of available BC Game Bets on Basketball

All our online clients from India can choose from numerous types of bets for their basketball betting sessions. If you need to be aware of the most common types before placing your bet on basketball, read through them in the list below.

  • 1×2 – Among the simplest types of bets, 1X2 covers all the possible outcomes of a certain match – home win, tie, or away win.
  • Total – Frequently accompanied by over or under, the Total bet refers to the complete number of points scored by each team in a match.
  • Handicap – The Handicap bet is for more experienced bettors; it means that one of the teams starts with a deficit such as negative points in order to balance out the competence between both teams
  • Odd/even This type of Bc game basketball wager refers to predicting the final score will be an odd number, such as 31,33, or an even number such as 30, or 32.
  • Quarter bets – With this type of wager, bettors from India can predict the outcomes of each four quarters of the match.

About available types of bets on Basketball on BC Game India

Odds Types in Basketball in India

For the convenience of all our online customers, we decided to implement the possibility to view odds in different formats in our basketball India section. Our attractive odds can be viewed in the three most common formats – European, American, and Fractional.

  • European – The Decimal or European kind of odds is the most commonly used to express odds because it indicates how much money a bettor may win for each rupee they invest. An example of such a format is 2.70.
  • American – Full numbers in the Moneyline or American odds format can be either positive or negative. The positive number shows your profit for a bet of 100 rupees, while the negative number shows how much you would have to invest to get the same profit. An example would be -320 or +110.
  • Fractional – Since they can be difficult for inexperienced bettors, fractional odds show the relationship between the potential profit and the investment you place. An illustration of a fractional format is 6/4.

About Odds Types in Basketball at BC Game India: formats – European, American, and Fractional.

Top-5 Major Basketball Tournaments for Betting

Our list of available bet basketball online tournaments is quite diverse, hosting events and competitions from more than 20 countries around the world. Besides having the option to choose from hundreds of basketball matches to bet on, Indian players seem to be mostly drawn to placing a basketball bet on the following popular competitions.

List of available BC Game bet basketball online tournaments in India: Top-5 Major Tournaments

CountryCompetition nameDescription
USANBAThe highest basketball league in North America is the National Basketball Association (NBA). One of the top pro sports competitions in the US and Canada, the league has 30 teams.
InternationalEuroleagueThe Euroleague is the most professional basketball club tournament in Europe. The league, which has 18 clubs, was initially set up by FIBA in 1958, then by ULEB in 2000, and finally by the Euroleague Basketball alone in 2011.
USAWNBAAnother American professional basketball tournament is the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). It was established as the women’s equivalent of the NBA.
SpainLiga ACBThe top pro basketball league in Spain is La Liga ACB, in which 18 teams participate following the double round-robin format in a season that lasts from October to May.
GermanyBBLBBL is Germany’s most professional Basketball league in club competitions. It consists of 18 teams and the season is divided into a league level and a playoff level.

Basketball Live Betting with live streams

For those who wish to wager on a basketball match at the very moment when the teams are playing, you are welcome to visit our BС.Game basketball live betting section. If you are wondering how to place your live wager on the major competitions, follow our instructions below.

  1. Go to our website or BC Game app and sign in or register.
  2. Enter the Cashier to deposit some money and place your crypto real money bets.
  3. Enter our sportsbook by clicking on Sports from the homepage.
  4. Choose ‘Basketball’ from the left vertical list.
  5. Click on the “Live” button from the horizontal menu on top.
  6. Select the tournament and match and click on the odds.
  7. Go through the details in the virtual bet slip once more, then, enter the bet amount and place your basketball live bets.

About Basketball Live Betting at BC Game in Cryptocurrencies for India players step by step

Live streaming of Basketball matches

Another great feature available in our basketball betting section is the availability of live streams of your favorite matches and events. This feature is available only for registered Indian players and the live streams are of top quality and can be viewed in full-screen mode.

Once you enter the Live section under the Basketball category and select the preferred match to wager on, the stream of the particular match will automatically start under the Video section.

About live streaming of basketball matches for India players on BC Game


Why should I choose Bc Game for betting on basketball?

The benefits of choosing our basketball crypto betting section are plenty, some of them include the highest basketball odds on the Indian market, the biggest selection of markets, and a huge list of tournaments from 20+ countries around the world.

How can I increase my chances to win?

Some helpful tips which will help you increase your potential profit chances before placing a bet on basketball are to acquire as much knowledge on the team and players as possible, keep a record of your past bets and thus improve your forecasts, and stick to bets which are known to you and suit your level of expertise as a bettor.

Can I make bets on basketball in crypto?

Yes, definitely. To deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency on our site, just visit the Cashier and set up your wallet. Once the crypto is active in your account, you can use it to place basketball wagers on our website.

What does +3 spread mean in basketball?

If a team comes with +3 American handicap odds, it means that they are the underdog. For you to win this type of bet, the underdog needs to surprise the favorite and win the game or, if they lose, they need to do it by fewer than 3 points.