BC Original Games in Casino

Our separate category of BC Game Originals introduces various online casino games which are provided by our brand and can be played exclusively on our website.

Among the BC Original games, Indian players can find many distinctive types of crypto games, belonging to several subcategories according to their common characteristics. Some of these subcategories include slots, crash games, limbo, dice games, and table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, among many others.

BC Originals – Unique Games with Crypto on BC Game. Information for players from India

Try your luck with BC Game Original Slots Games

Many gamblers’ favourites, slots are the most popular type of casino games that are centered around a specific number of reels that spin and showcase different symbols. Gamblers are paid based on specific combinations on the reels and the bet amount per spin. There are many types of slots that differ in so many features – the number of reels, themes, pay table, volatility, and RTP, to name a few.

We have several slots in our Bc.game Bitcoin originals, and these are some of the most commonly played by gamblers from India.

  • Egyptian – This slot is centered around one of the most evergreen themes, Ancient Egypt, and is set on 5 reels and 20 lines which comes with a wild symbol, free spins, and extra bonus features. The RTP of this video slot is 97.51% and the maximum win is 600x your bet.
  • Cave of Plunder – This video slot belonging to the BC Original Games is perfect for those who enjoy themes that focus on gold digging and diamond treasures, and it includes great visual effects and a Wild symbol that appears deep down the mine. Its RTP is 99% and the maximum win is 500x your stake.
  • Sword – This game with an RTP of 97.2% comes with great features like a crypto bonus and bonus respin. The theme is a classic quest where players help Eric find his lost magical sword.
  • Beauties – Ladylike symbols such as flowers, mandolins, and hair combs are predominantly present on the reels of this pokie in our Bc originals category, which centers around the theme of Asian culture and the mystical religious world. The RTP of this slot is 97.9%.

About Original Slots Games for players from India on BC Game

Get your adrenaline pumping with BC Originals Crash Games

Promising exciting and quick gameplay, crash games are recent to the casino world and present a crash simulator and a multiplier curve that determines your winnings. The bet amount you set before the round starts will be multiplied by the odds that you choose on cashout, before the plane or another object crashes.

Crash games are part of our BC Game crypto originals and we’ll share some details below.

  • Crash – This game presents the multiplier curve upon a black background, and players from India can place bets in two modes – classic and trenball. All you need to do is cash out before it crashes, having in mind that you can earn up to x1000000 for your bet. The minimum bet is $0.01 and the maximum is $100,000.
  • Limbo – Similar in gameplay, Limbo follows a rocket that launches in the air, along with the multipliers which increase while the rocket gets higher. The game is part of the BC Original game category and can bring you a maximum win of 1 000 000x your wager.

About Originals Crash Games for players from India on BC Game - Information

BC Originals Dice Games

Also part of our Bc game originals, dice games are among the simplest and most basic online casino games, which don’t require a particular preparation or knowledge before you start playing. The gameplay is related to one or several rolling dice, which award participants according to the combinations and their previously made bets. We offer several dice games in our lobby and gamblers from India can choose them for a light and fun gambling experience.

  • Classic Dice – This game has long been a top contender among the BC Original games on our site. The blockchain algorithm and hash value computation are used in this game of chance. Your chances of winning increase the closer your anticipated number is to the randomly chosen number above the dice.
  • Hash Dice – This game of chance is an alternative to the Classic dice, which was also created with the help of the blockchain algorithm and hash value computation. The stakes range from $0.2 to $100 and the maximum win is 99,000x your bet.
  • Ultimate Dice – One of the earliest cryptocurrency games to be introduced to our BC Originals category is Ultimate Dice. Its straightforward rules and excellent winning odds are the main reasons why it is still so repeatedly played. Unlike physical casinos, the outcomes of Bitcoin dice bets can be 100% validated, ensuring the results are fair.

About Originals Dice Games for players from India on BC Game - Information

BC Original Table Games

Table games are another type of online casino game that are an integral part of our Bc game originals. These games are played on a virtual table, sometimes involving cards, balls, or other objects, depending on the gameplay. Table games require specific knowledge and sometimes involve building your own strategy in order to maximize your chances of winning.

We have produced variants of all the most popular table games in the industry, which are presented below in detail.

  • Roulette– Our special Roulette variant from the BC Original game provides one of the most immersive roulette experiences accessible online, recommended for all table game enthusiasts from India. This Roulette Multiplayer slot game only has one zero, as opposed to the majority of land-based American roulette tables that have a double zero. Consequently, this online roulette variant has a 2.7% minimum house edge.
  • Baccarat – This suspenseful card game can now be played with cryptocurrencies exclusively on our official gambling site. In our casino, the card game’s rules remain the same. The main distinction is that you’ll wager with digital money. Our Baccarat variant comes with a maximum win of 12x your bet, and its RTP is 98.9%.
  • Video Poker – Another popular card game played on a slot machine present in our BC Original games is video poker. Nine of the most well-known video poker games, including Triple Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild Bonus, are available to you in this game.
  • Blackjack – This game is considered to be among the simplest card games and gamblers shouldn’t be aware of any special techniques to enjoy it. The official purpose is to win over the dealer and collect cards that are as close to 21 but never surpass it. Our Blackjack variant in the Bc Game Originals category has an RTP of 99.52% and a maximum win of 2.5x.

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Other BC Original Games with Cryptocurrencies

Besides the types of online games mentioned previously, we also have several other BC Originals in our separate category in the lobby. These all vary in features, gameplay, RTP, and potential wins, which will be further elaborated on in the table below.

Other Original Games with Cryptocurrencies on BC Game. Information for players from India

GameDescriptionRTP, %Maximum win
PlinkoPlayers drop balls onto a vertical platform that has rows of pegs arranged in a square pyramid shape on the surface of the game Plinko, a whimsical and entertaining game of chance.991,000x
KenoA veteran in our list of Bc originals, Keno is played similarly to bingo, except instead of attempting to match numbers on your card, Indian players are hoping their numbers will show up in a collection of balls chosen at random from a drum.991,000x
MinesIn the exhilarating upgrade to the original Minesweeper game, gamblers must carefully search a grid for multiplier jewels while avoiding hazards. More multipliers discovered equals more money, but a bomb will terminate your game right away.995,148,344x
Tower LegendAvailable to be played with crypto coins, Tower Legend allows players to obtain the biggest multipliers possible by moving up the tower. We advise avoiding the Skulls along the way.994.055x
CoinFlipThe finest illustration of a game of chance is Coin Flip, which is very easy and simple to play and understand. The ideal illustration of choosing between two conceivable outcomes is this game in the Bc game crypto originals category.99Unlimited


What are BC Originals?

BC Original games is a special collection of online casino games produced by our company BC Game. These games are placed in a separate category in our lobby, and there are around 25 of them, which can be further sub-classified into crash, dice, slots, and table games.

Are your games “Provably fair”?

Yes, they are. All regarding the fairness and randomness of each game from the BC Game Originals can be verified in our Provably Fair section in the Help Centre. All outcomes are transparent, provable, and determinable.

Can I play Bc Originals Games via smartphone?

Absolutely. All Bc game crypto originals can be played via smartphones, on the BC Game app, or on the mobile version of the official site. The games are adapted to fit small screen devices and deliver optimal performance.