BC Originals Games in the Indian Casino

The dedicated tab “BC Originals” located in the BC.Game casino’s main menu has a variety of gambling games provided by the company and available exclusively on their website and mobile app.

Among the 40 games, gamblers can discover slots, crash games, and so on. Sign up now, get a welcome bonus, and try these exclusive games.

BC Originals – Unique Games with Crypto on BC Game. Information for players from India

BC.Game Original Slots

Slots, a favorite of many gamers from India, rank first among the types of BC.Game original casino games due to their simplicity. Payouts to players are made depending on the combinations of symbols on the reels and the bet size per spin. Slot machines differ in a lot of characteristics such as theme, paytable, volatility, and return to player (RTP) percentage.

The BC.Game collection of original slots features several games that are in very high demand among players from India:

  • John Wild;
  • Dragon Quest;
  • Run Away! Zombies;
  • Wizard’s Academy.

About Original Slots Games for players from India on BC Game

Crash Games in the BC Originals Category

Exclusive crash games from BC.Game India, that promise thrilling and speedy action, are in high demand in India. They feature a vehicle or main hero and a multiplier that decides your wins. The stake sum you specify before the game begins will be multiplied by the odds you select for cashout if you manage to do it in time.

Among original crash games on the site and BC.Game mobile app you will find:

  • Crash;
  • Wheel;
  • Twist;
  • Limbo.

About Originals Crash Games for players from India on BC Game - Information

BC Originals Dice Games

Dice games, which are part of BC.Game originals, are effortless to understand, requiring no prior preparation or experience to begin gambling. The gameplay revolves around one or more rolling dice – your wins depend on the result after the dice is rolled. BC.Game has various exclusive dice games in the lobby that players from India can pick from for an enjoyable gaming experience:

  • Classic Dice – This game makes use of blockchain technology. The goal is in any ordinary dice game – you try to guess the number and roll the dice hoping the outcome will match your prediction;
  • Hash Dice – In this game, the stakes vary from 10 to 1,000,000 INR, and the highest prize is limited to 32,816,000 INR;
  • Ultimate Dice was one of the first Bitcoin games released by BC.Game. Simple rules and good winning chances are the primary reasons why it is still widely played by Indian gamers. The results of the dice roll are 100% confirmed, assuring blockchain fairness.

About Originals Dice Games for players from India on BC Game - Information

BC Original Table Games

Table games are another essential component of the BC Originals tab. They are played on a virtual table, and cards, balls, or other items may be used. To increase your chances of winning, table games need particular expertise and, in certain cases, the development of your own strategy.

BC.Game has created variations of all of the most sought-after table games, and some of them are described below:

  • Roulette Multiplayer – The customized roulette version from the BC.Game contains only one zero sector, unlike most American roulette tables, which have two. As a result, this game offers a 2.7% house edge;
  • Baccarat BC Originals – the official gaming site is currently the only place in India where you can play this thrilling card game using cryptocurrency. The rules remain unchanged, and the key difference is that you’ll bet with digital currency. You can multiply the bet by 12 times, and the game’s RTP is 98.9%;
  • Video poker is also featured in BC Original games. This game has an RTP of 99%, which attracts many gamers from India;
  • Blackjack BC Originals is regarded as one of the easiest card games here, and players should not be aware of any specific tactics. This version features a 99.52% RTP.

About Table Games for players from India on BC Game

Other BC Original Games with Crypto

Aside from the sorts of games described above, there are various additional BC Originals in the casino collection. These differ in terms of features, playability, RTP, and possible wins.

Other Original Games with Cryptocurrencies on BC Game. Information for players from India

GameDescriptionRTP, %Maximum win
PlinkoPlinko involves Indian players dropping balls onto a vertical platform with rows of pegs arranged in a square pyramid configuration on its surface. The ball then hits a specific sector that can bring you a win991,000x
KenoKeno is played similarly to bingo, except instead of aiming to match numbers on your card, Indian players hope their numbers appear in a collection of balls drawn at random from a lotto machine991,000x
MinesIn this exciting game, players must carefully search a grid for multiplier stars while avoiding mines. More multipliers detected equals more money, but a bomb will end your game immediately995,148,344x
Tower LegendIt can be played using cryptocurrency and allows gamers to acquire the highest multipliers by moving up the tower.994,055x
Coin FlipThis game from the BC Originals category is an excellent example of selecting between two possible outcomes, so it is effortless to understand99Unlimited


What are the BC Originals?

BC Originals is a distinctive collection of 40 games created by the casino, BC.Game, itself. They may be further classified as crash, dice, slots, and table games.

Are BC Originals games fair?

Indeed, they are. All information on the fairness and randomness of any BC Original game may be found in the Help Centre’s Provably Fair tab. All outcomes are clear.

Can I play BC Originals Games on my smartphone?

Absolutely. All these games may be played on smartphones via the BC.Game mobile app or the mobile version of the official site. The games are designed to accommodate small screens while providing excellent performance.