BC Game Lottery – Your chance to make a fortune

BC lottery is a rather quick and very fun way to acquire some potential winnings by buying your tickets first. We provide the opportunity to participate in our BC Game lottery draw which happens every 24 hours and gain amazing prizes.
All Indian players who buy BcGame lottery tickets can participate in the draw of our impressive jackpot of INR 8,000,000. Even if you don’t get all six numbers right, there are many additional prizes available for participants.

About Lottery and chance to make a fortune for players in India on BC Game

How to take part in the BC Game lottery

Taking part in the BC Game India lottery requires going through a few simple steps. Until the anticipated moment when you are waiting for the results of the daily draw, these are the steps that you need to complete.

  1. Visit our official online website and sign up or sign in to your account.
  2. Enter your Wallet and deposit some real money in order to buy your tickets.
  3. Click on the menu button on the homepage and select ‘Lottery’ from the vertical pop-up menu.
  4. Read through the rules and conditions required to participate.
  5. Click on the orange ‘Buy ticket’ button placed in the big banner on top.
  6. Select your Bc game lottery numbers and buy the ticket.
  7. Wait till 15:00 UTC+0 for the daily draw.
  8. Check the results and whether you have guessed any numbers.

Mobile players from India can download and install the Android or iOS BC Game app on their devices and use it to buy lottery tickets. Playing the lottery is equally convenient on our mobile app, as every feature is adapted to suit handheld portable devices.

About the steps required to participate in the BC Game lottery

The main rules of the BC Game lottery

Our BC Game casino lottery comes with several rules of its own. All participants from India need to be aware of the following statements before buying their lottery ticket and waiting for the potential profits of their lifetime.

  • The lottery rewards are drawn using a provably fair method.
  • Every day at 15:00 UTC+0, players should expect the prizes to be drawn.
  • The ticket price starts at as low as 9 INR.
  • Every day, the sale of tickets ends at 14:55 UTC+0.
  • For each ticket, the player selects six numbers; the first five should be from 1 to 36, and the final one in the range from 1 to 10.
  • Numbers of our Bc game online lottery can be selected manually or automatically, depending on your wish.
  • Six numbers are produced by each draw.
  • Your chances of winning an extraordinary reward increase as more of your first five numbers match.

About main rules of the lottery in India on BC Game


You should get discouraged if you don’t get all the six numbers of the Bc game crypto lottery right; we offer rewarding opportunities for all participants, depending on the particular number of guessed lottery digits. Here is how the reward system of our lottery functions.

  • When all six digits are matched, you win 8,000,000 INR. In case more participants matched all six digits, the prize will be distributed equally among them.
  • 250,000 INR is awarded if five numbers line up.
  • 1,600 INR is the prize if you correctly match 4 out of the first 5 numbers.
  • When you have three matching numbers, you get 9 INR.
  • If you pick all six incorrectly, we will hold your Bc.Game lottery ticket for free, giving you the opportunity to continue playing in the draw the following day.

About Prizes in lottery in India on BC Game

What is BCL and how to get it

Our company has introduced a particular type of token known as BCL (BC Lottery), which is geared toward Bc game lottery enthusiasts. At any moment, Indian players can use BCL to redeem lottery tickets, and 1 BCL is required for each ticket.

BCL can be received or exchanged at any moment through BCSwap. Another option available is when players can also be gifted BCL from other players via a Gift Link. However, it isn’t allowed to swap BCL with another coin.

About BCL and how to get it in India on BC Game

BC Game Lottery tips

You can never influence the luck of the draw, but you can, however, take advantage of some beneficial tips that experienced lottery Indian players frequently apply when buying their tickets for the pool.

About Lottery tips in India on BC Game

Increase your ticket amountThere are higher chances for your numbers to be drawn if you have bought more Bc game online lottery tickets. Your chances of matching more numbers when playing are enhanced by purchasing additional tickets. To prevent harming your finances, make sure you only buy tickets that you can afford.
Don’t select sequential numbersAvoid selecting sequencing numbers on your tickets since there is a one-in-a-million chance that they will come up in a combination. Therefore, picking numbers from several ranges is good to boost your chances.
Team up with friendsIt is recommended to organize a Bc.Game lottery group if you are hunting for substantial prizes. Your chances of winning are significantly larger if you gather a group of individuals when purchasing tickets. If one of your tickets is the winner, distribute the cash prizes equally among the participants.

Benefits of BC Game lottery

If you are still in doubt about the benefits you’ll enjoy when playing the Bc game lottery on our site, let’s go over the most notable below.


What is the maximum amount I can win in a lottery?

Currently, the biggest BC Game lottery jackpot on our site is 8,000,000 INR which can be won by any player who has guessed the six digits on their ticket. If it is one by several ticket buyers, the prize is distributed evenly.

How much does one lottery ticket cost?

To buy a ticket for our BC Game online lottery, it costs only 9 INR. This is why we recommend buying more for one draw so that you increase your winning chances.

Do I have to sign up to take part in the BC Game lottery?

Yes, you do. To participate in our lottery draw, Indian players need to register BC game account and deposit real money. This is allowed only if players are older than 18.

What time does the draw take place?

Prizes of the lottery are drawn on a daily basis, at 15:00 UTC+0.