BC Game Betting in Crypto in India

If you are keen on predicting the outcomes of some existing sports matches by wagering real money, you should definitely visit our sports betting online section.

We offer a greatly-developed sports section where Indian betting fans can find their favorite sport and begin placing bets. Besides the wide range of available sports, you can find a lot of betting markets and functionalities, all embellished by the presence of attractive odds for various tournaments and competitions.

Join BC Game by creating an account and taking advantage of the high odds we offer for 45+ sports in our diverse sportsbook.

About Crypto Betting in India at BG GAME

How to start making bets in crypto at BC Game?

In order to reach the point where you finally start your betting, there are some pre-required tasks everyone should go through. Remember that you should be at least 18 years or older to start betting on our site.

Before you place your 1X2, double chance, or any other type of bet, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit our official site or open the mobile app.
  2. Register an account or sign in if you already have one.
  3. Go to the Wallet to deposit real money to place bets.
  4. Return to the homepage and from the top buttons on the left, click on ‘Sports’.
  5. Choose your preferred sport from the vertical Bc Game sportsbook on the left.
  6. Select the particular event you wish to wager on.
  7. Choose the type of bet and market by clicking on the corresponding odds.
  8. Review your pop-up bet slip in the bottom right corner of our betting site and enter the bet amount.
  9. Finally, click on the green ‘Place Bet’ button.

How to start making bets at BG GAME step by step

Betting Sportsbook – Wide choice of markets

Diversity, quality, and quantity – these are the benefits that you will enjoy when visiting our Bc game sportsbook online. To start with, we offer a wide selection of different sports to bet on, including the ones ultra popular in India but also worldwide. Once you enter the betting section, you’ll see the 45+ available sports that you can wager on.

We all know that Indian players love wagering on cricket and football, but we at the betting website also offer the possibility to experiment with other sports which aren’t that frequently selected, such as lacrosse, floorball, or even biathlon.

From the big collection we present in the sportsbook at bookmaker, the following are the most selected sports that Indian players continuously wager on.

  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • eSports;
  • Tennis;
  • Baseball;
  • American Football;
  • Ice Hockey.

When you make your selection, you will be introduced to a plethora of markets available for your Bc game betting sessions. Depending on the sport, these markets include wagering on the following aspects of the particular match.

  • A specific player;
  • A specific team;
  • Total score by a team;
  • Total score by a player, etc.

Market Choice - Sports Book on the MG GAME. 45+ available sports in betting section

Cricket Betting

Understandably, the cricket crypto betting section enjoys the biggest popularity on our bookie site. This is because we offer the highest and most advantageous cricket odds on the market, accompanied by hundreds of markets and functionalities that our registered Indian players can benefit from.

The events in our Bc game betting section can be filtered for the easiest possible navigation. If you click on the ‘+’ icon next to the name, you will see a drop-down menu of several categories such as International, India, Bangladesh, and other available countries.

Out of the hundreds of tournaments and events present in the cricket department, the following are the most popular among our customers.

  • IPL;
  • Ranji Trophy;
  • T20 Series;
  • T20 World Cup;
  • West Indies Championship;
  • Bangladesh Premier League.

The cricket Bc GAME crypto betting section: IPL, Ranji Trophy, T20 Series, T20 World Cup and other

Make bets in crypto on Football

The runner-up when it comes to popularity related to the Bc game Bitcoin betting on our site is football. Whoever decides to wager on a particular match or predict the performance of a certain player will surely find a market for it in our developed football section on our official bookie site.

We undoubtedly offer the largest collection of football leagues, tournaments, and specific matches. Moreover, the markets and odds present here are very advantageous, which makes our clients frequently select football as their wagering choice.

The ‘+’ sign will reveal the subcategories available, and some of the most betted-on football leagues on our official crypto betting site are the following:

  • UEFA Champions League;
  • UEFA Europa League;
  • World Cup
  • Indian Super League;
  • I-League;
  • Premier League;
  • La Liga;
  • Serie A;
  • Bundesliga.

Bets in crypto on Football on BG GAME-largest collection of football leagues, tournaments, and specific matches.

eSports Betting with Bitcoin

Wagering on eSports with cryptocurrencies is another favorite among our Indian clients signed up on our Bc game betting site. Predicting how a certain fight or mission will turn out at your preferred video game is quite popular among bettors, so we have made it possible to wager on the following eSports on our online site:

  • Counter-Strike;
  • Dota 2;
  • eShooter;
  • League of Legends;
  • Valorant;
  • StarCraft;
  • Call of Duty.

These video games hide a lot of additional leagues and markets that you can choose from; just tap on the plus icon next to each, select the tournament of your preference, and start placing your match winner, map winner, map handicap, first blood bets, and many others.

Wagering on eSports with cryptocurrencies on BG GAME: Counter-Strike, Dota 2, eShooter and other

Place a bet on Basketball

This exciting team sport has a lot of fans who place their wagers on our official Bitcoin betting website. The basketball section is home to a great choice of tournaments and competitions, along with a wide choice of markets and very favorable odds. You can filter these events to showcase the International ones or only the ones originating from a certain country. However, the most commonly selected basketball leagues among our clients at the betting site are the following:

  • Euroleague;
  • Champions League;
  • EuroCup;
  • Europe Cup;
  • NBA;
  • NCAA Division 1;
  • BBL;
  • NBL.

A great choice of tournaments and competitions, along with a wide choice of markets and very favorable odds on the basketball in India at BG GAME

Betting on Tennis with BTC

A lot of our customers choose tennis when doing their BC Game betting in India because of the fast-paced nature of the sport and also the availability of many markets to wager on. We are aware of that, so we offer quite competitive and attractive tennis betting odds in this dedicated section. Players can choose to place different types of bets such as Winner Game Handicap, First or Second Set Winner, and many others. We currently offer betting odds for the following tournaments:

  • ATP;
  • WTA;
  • WTA 125K;
  • Challenger;
  • Exhibition;
  • ITF Men;
  • ITF Women;
  • Simulated Reality.

Betting on Tennis with BTC in India. BC Game betting odds for the following tournaments: ATP, WTA, WTA 125K and other

Baseball Crypto Betting

The baseball BTC betting category is another busy section in our sportsbook. Many baseball fans would enrich their watching experiences by placing a wager on baseball, so we offer quite a big selection of markets and the highest odds on the market. The competitions are placed in three subcategories – USA, Australia, and International, and the most frequently selected on our betting site are the following.

  • World Baseball Classic;
  • MLB;
  • NCAA Division 1;
  • ABL.

The baseball BC Game BTC betting category in India with Crypto: World Baseball Classic, MLB and other

Volleyball Bets

This contactless team sport has its separate fanbase on our betting site. We offer to bet on many tournaments and leagues that originate from several countries around the world, and they can be neatly filtered if you click on the plus icon next to the volleyball link.

There also are many markets on our volleyball betting department that players from India can choose in the volleyball department, such as winner, point handicap, total points, correct score, to win exactly, etc.

Coming along with great and advantageous volleyball odds, here are the most popular tournaments among our registered bettors at the crypto betting site.

  • Champions League;
  • Baltic Volleyball League;
  • CEV Cup;
  • Challenge Cup;
  • MEVZA Women;
  • Superliga – Russia;
  • Serie A Women – Italy.

Volleyball Bets on Bc Game for players from India: winner, point handicap, total points, correct score, to win exactly, etc.

Live bets at BC Game

Wagering while the match is ongoing has its own benefits, which is why many Indian players frequently visit the live betting section on our official site. The live betting section can easily be reached if you enter our Sportsbook and then click on ‘Live’ from the short horizontal menu on top.

We offer outstanding live odds for in-play betting exclusively to players who have created an account, and also a huge selection of markets and sports, among which the following.

  • Football
  • Tennis;
  • Cricket;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • eSports;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Baseball;
  • Badminton;
  • Darts.

Bets while the match for Indian players on live BC Game on official site.

How to make live bets?

Placing your bet in-play in our live Bc game bitcoin betting section is just like placing a regular bet. To take advantage of our high live odds and feel the excitement of wagering in play, follow the steps we share below.

  1. Visit our official sports betting website.
  2. Register or sign in to your betting account.
  3. Visit the Wallet to deposit some crypto or fiat currencies.
  4. Enter our Sportsbook by clicking on ‘Sports’ from the homepage.
  5. Click on ‘Live’ from the horizontal menu in the sportsbook.
  6. Choose your sport from the cluster presented on the left side on the top.
  7. Select your competition and then your market by clicking on the odds.
  8. Review the bet slip and enter the bet amount.
  9. Click on the green ‘Place Bet’ button.

How to make live bets for India players on BG Game step by step

Betting Odds for Indian Players

If you are looking for the highest odds in the Indian market, you are at the right place – we at Bc Game betting online company offer the most advantageous line-and-line odds for our esteemed registered users, and the possibility to view them in different formats for better understanding.

You can select the odds format according to your preferences if you scroll toward the bottom of the crypto betting homepage. These are the options that we offer.

  • European – The most popular way of representing odds is through the Decimal or European type, which describes how much money a bettor may win for every Indian rupee staked. 3.25 is an illustration of such a format.
  • American – Moneyline or American odds format uses full numbers that are either positive or negative. The positive figure represents your profit for a bet of 100 rupees, while the negative number is the amount you must wager to earn a profit of 100 rupees. For instance, -270 or +120.
  • Hong Kong – This type of odds, which displays how much INR you may win in relation to a wager of 1 INR, is comparable to the decimal kind. The obvious distinction is that, like American odds, they also include the + and – markers. An illustration would be +0.25.
  • Indonesian – Being short-named Indo odds, these are almost identical to American odds and indicate the favorite and underdog with a + and -. However, in this instance, bettors count with a 100 rise. As a result, +250 would become +2.50.
  • Malaysian – Decimal odds are also used in Malaysian betting, with signs signifying favorites and underdogs. They center on the correlation between your bet and the predicted return on a particular amount. An example of a Malay odds is +1.3.
  • Fractional – Fractional odds are most frequently employed when betting on horse racing and demonstrate the link between the prospective profit and the stake you put, albeit they can be rather challenging for novice bettors. 7/2 is an example of a fractional format.

Betting Odds for Indian Players on BG Game, format according to your preferences

Types of bets – Find out what options we offer

At our bitcoin betting website, bettors have a broad variety of bet types and markets to choose from, most of which are based on the sport you have chosen.

Hundreds of various betting options are at the disposal of our Indian registered users, including some that revolve around making predictions about the outcome of a game, the final score, the precise number of goals scored, and other outcomes.

Here are the most commonly selected bet types on our BC Game site.

  • Match Winner – Match or Outright Winner is the simplest and beginner-friendly type of wager since it requires bettors to predict the outcome of a certain game, fight, or match.
  • Total – When you bet the total, you’re attempting to predict how many points each team or player will score overall throughout the course of the match.
  • Handicap – In order to make the game fairer, one team or competitor starts out with a deficit of points or another sort in this very common wager type.
  • Proposition (Special Bets) – This type of bet is also called Special because it doesn’t have anything to do with the final outcome of a match but concentrates on predicting whether something will happen or not during the game.

Types of bets for India players on BG Game

What is Betslip and How to use it

The bet slip is a window on the betting site that allows you to place bets. It appears automatically in the bottom right corner of the site when you click on a market or preferred odds.

To use the bet slip, simply enter the amount you want to bet, review your potential winnings, and click the green “Place Bet” button.

Here are the steps on how to use the bet slip:

  1. Click on a market or preferred odds.
  2. The bet slip will appear in the bottom right corner of the site.
  3. Enter the amount you want to bet.
  4. Review your potential winnings.
  5. Click the green “Place Bet” button.

The online bet slip is a special window on BC Game site for India players. How to use it.

Payment Methods for Deposit & Withdrawal

There is a substantial selection of deposit and withdrawal methods on our official betting site.

We are a crypto bookmaker who focuses mostly on payments with cryptocurrencies, which is why we offer over 100 available crypto coins in our Wallet. However, we also give alternatives to those who prefer to pay via fiat currencies; all details related to both are in the table below.

Payment Methods for Deposit & Withdrawal on official BC Game betting site. Over 100 available crypto coins in our Wallet

Deposit MethodsMin. DepositMax. DepositTime
PhonePE₹ 500₹ 100,000Instant
PayTM₹ 500₹ 50,000Instant
UPI₹ 500₹ 49,999Instant
Withdrawal MethodsMin. WithdrawalMax. WithdrawalTimeFee
PayTmINR 2,000INR 30,00010 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
Bank transfersINR 600INR 100,00010 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
IMPSINR 500INR 50,00010 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
BTC0.000843Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
TRX236Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
USDT103.778582Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
BCH0.043Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
DOGE100Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
LTC0.133Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%
ETH0.014Unlimited10 mins to several hoursAt least 0.1%

Customer Support Service in India for bettors

All registered bettors can turn to our customer support agents for any questions or additional clarifications related to sports wagering on our official bookie site.
In the table below, we present all the available betting contact methods.

Customer Support Service in India on BC Game. Available contact methods.

Live ChatClick on the green Headphones icon on the bottom left corner of the homepage
Help CenterScroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on ‘Help Center.’
Social Media
  • Telegram;
  • Github;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Discord;
  • Bitcointalk.
Players’ ChatClick on the upper right corner of the homepage on the ‘Messages’ icon.
Online FormScroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the green ‘Leave a Message’ button.

Benefits of Betting on the site

If you are still unaware of the lots of benefits you’ll take hold of when signing up for an account with our betting company, let’s remind you of the most prominent ones.

  • Availability of sports bonuses – Our online registered bettors may occasionally obtain bountiful sports bonuses, which is why it is crucial to frequently visit our Promotions section.
  • A great variety of sports to bet on – Bettors can wager on football, cricket, tennis, basketball, eSports, and many other sports, reaching a number of 45+ in our sportsbook.
  • Highest odds on the market – Whether it is line or live odds, we offer the most attractive offer of odds which will increase your potential profits.
  • Reliable customer support – Our customer care representatives at the Bc game betting website are approachable, friendly, and ready to assist whenever an inconvenience arises.
  • Hundreds of available markets – Double chance, 1×2, total points, total over or under, and handicap are just a few of the hundreds of markets we offer for our esteemed customers.

Available benefits of betting on the BG Game website in India


Can I make bets using cryptocurrencies?

Yes, of course, we are a crypto bookmaker and we encourage every registered bettor to choose from the list of 100+ crypto coins and start their online Bc Game betting adventures.

What is the minimum age to start betting?

In order to place bets for real money on our online bookie site, bettors need to be at least 18 years old. If you are of legal age, you can register and start wagering right away.

Do you have a mobile app for betting?

Yes, we do. Our all-encompassing betting app includes our versatile sportsbook, a great selection of markets, and the highest BC Game betting app odds for mobile bettors.

What is the minimum deposit?

When paying with fiat currencies, the minimum deposit at the betting site is 500 INR. However, crypto payments aren’t subjected to limits when it comes to withdrawals and deposits.

Do you have pre-match bets?

Yes, of course. We offer the best pre-match odds for numerous markets, such as handicap betting, outright winner, total/spread, proposition bets, and many others available in our betting section.